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3/4 Carat Diamond Ring Guide

What you need to know about 3/4 carat diamond engagement rings

By Mike Fried,
3/4ct radiant cut diamodn in a double halo ring
Even a 0.75ct diamond can look large on a woman’s hand when set in the right setting (creation by Abe Mor)

If you find yourself looking for a 3/4 carat diamond engagement ring, rest assured. That is one of the most commonly purchased diamond ring sizes.  The average engagement ring size falls somewhere between 3/4 of a carat and one carat. In fact, roughly 25% of all of our readers are looking for a diamond in the 3/4ct size range.

If you follow the approach we lay out here in this article, you will end up with a gorgeous engagement ring and the best bang for your buck. The important factors are to balance the qualities well, purchase from the right retailer and find the right the diamond for the setting style. Let’s get started.

To help you with the diamond buying process we lean on our expertise and experience. The author of this article, our CEO, Mike Fried has over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. Mike started from the bottom, sorting and evaluating hundreds of thousands of diamonds to learn every facet (pun intended) of diamond quality and value. Mike followed that up by spending years buying and selling diamonds on the wholesale market as well as selling tens of millions of dollars worth of diamonds to diamond retailers.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

How much does a ¾ carat diamond ring cost?
How large is a ¾ carat diamond?
What quality ¾ carat diamond should I get?
What is the difference between a ¾ carat and 1 carat diamond?
Where should I buy a ¾ carat diamond from?
FAQs about ¾ carat diamonds

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How Much Does a 3/4 Carat Diamond Ring Cost?

A 3/4 carat diamond will cost you $1,800. That is based on a nice round diamond that is H color and VS2 clarity like this one. You can go up or down in quality or with a different shape. Based on where you go with that, the price range will be between $1,400 and $5,000.

3/4 Carat Diamond Price Chart – Updated January 2024

ShapeTop Quality
Our Recommendation
The Lower End
Check out our recommendation for your favorite shape on James Allen

You also need to add the cost of the setting. A simple solitaire setting in 14K gold will cost you about $250, but elaborate settings with a lot of pavé diamonds can run you a few thousand dollars.

How Big is a 3/4 Carat Diamond?

A 0.75 carat diamond, therefore, weighs 0.15 grams (150 milligrams). Diamond carat refers to the weight of the diamond. What is more important to you is the size of the diamond. A 3/4 carat round diamond should measure approximately 5.8mm in diameter if cut to ideal proportions.

The quality of cut can make a difference in the visible size of the diamond, as can the shape. A 3/4 carat princess cut diamond ring, for example, will appear smaller than a 3/4 carat oval cut, due to the smaller surface area, or “face-up” area.

0.75ct all cut diamonds size comparison

This 0.77 carat round diamond with an excellent grade in cut, for example, features length-width measurements of 5.82mm by 5.85mm, putting its diameter slightly above the average for a diamond of this shape and carat weight.

On the other hand, a 0.75 carat round diamond, graded only “very good” in cut, measures 5.62mm by 5.69mm – quite significantly below average. Note that this diamond doesn’t have the cut parameters we recommend.

Diamond ShapeDimensions for 0.75 Carat
Round brilliant cut5.80×5.80×3.60mm
Princess cut5.00×5.00×3.55mm
Emerald cut6.00×4.50×3.00mm
Asscher cut5.00×5.00×3.35mm
Radiant cut5.50×5.00×3.27mm
Cushion cut6.00×5.00×3.35mm
Oval diamond7.50×5.00×3.23mm
Pear shaped diamond8.00×5.00×3.20mm
Heart shaped diamond6.00×6.00×3.65mm
Marquise diamond9.50×4.50×2.97mm

The other element that influences the size – at least, the visible appearance of the diamond – is its shape. Certain shapes have a larger or smaller surface area, making them appear bigger, even while the carat weight is the same.

Elongated shapes such as oval, pear, and marquise cut diamonds appear larger than princess, asscher or radiant cut diamonds.

”Some [diamond] weights are considered “magic sizes” – half carat, three-quarter carat, and carat. Visually, there’s little difference between a 0.99 carat diamond and one that weighs a full carat. But the price differences between the two can be significant.” Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

Tips for Getting the Best 3/4 Carat Diamond Ring

  • Choose an excellent or ideal cut diamond. The better a diamond’s cut, the more light it will reflect, creating the stunning look with which diamonds are associated.

    As always, we recommend buying an excellent or ideal cut diamond. A diamond with an excellent cut will have stronger brilliance, fire and a much more impressive appearance than a poorly cut diamond.
  • Stick to the G to I color range. Choosing a diamond with a range of G to I range (near colorless) on the diamond color scale will give you better value for money than choosing a diamond with a color grade in the D to F (colorless) range. As the GIA says, “diamond color is about what you don’t see.” If you can’t see the difference, don’t pay extra for a DEF color diamond. On the other side of the coin, it’s best not to go below the J to K range.

    If you are going with a solitaire setting, you can drop to I or even J color.

For more information on the best color grades for optimal value for money, check the recommendations in our guides to different diamond shapes.

Think You’re A Diamond Pro?

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Choose an eye-clean diamond. The SI1/SI2 range on the clarity grade chart offers the best value for money, especially for a diamond of this size. It may be a little tricky to find the right diamond in this range and many people bump up to a VS2 grade.

When buying a 0.50ct diamond, the large size of the diamond means that inclusions are often visible at lower grades (even though you can still find eye-clean SI1s.). Above all, make sure that you choose a diamond that’s eye-clean.

Pick the shape you like best. There’s no “perfect” diamond shape — instead, the best option is to pick a shape that looks pleasing to you. Our diamond shape guide covers all of the widely available diamond shapes, with information on each one’s characteristics.

GIA certified diamonds only. You must know exactly what the qualities are to make sure you are getting good value. To do so, you need a certificate from an independent laboratory that has strict and consistent standards. As we cover in our diamond certification guide, don’t get a diamond with any other certificate and

Ringo Approved Eye Clean Diamonds

What is Ringo?

The Difference Between a 3/4 Carat vs 1 Carat Diamond

People in a certain budget range may end up considering both 3/4 carat diamonds and 1 carat diamonds. Your first thought may be the decision is an easy one – get the highest carat diamond you can. But realistically, there is more that should go into the decision of a 3/4 carat vs. 1 carat diamond.

A smaller diamond allows you to spend more of your budget on cut, color and clarity, as well as a beautiful setting. The size difference may not be as much as you think, either.

3/4 carat vs. 1 carat diamond on a hand
3/4 Carat vs. 1 Carat Diamond on a Hand (photo: James Allen)

Here’s a quick rundown on the key differences between a 3/4 carat and 1 carat diamond:

Size: a round 0.75 carat diamond weighs 0.15 grams and measures approximately 5.8mm in diameter. In comparison, a round 1 carat diamond weighs 0.2 grams and measures approximately 6.4mm.

Price: the difference in price between a 3/4 carat and 1 carat diamond is more pronounced than the size difference, as the price of diamonds per carat goes up as size goes up. Have a look at our diamond calculator to explore the price differences.

Where to Buy a 3/4 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

There are countless places you could go to buy a 3/4 carat diamond engagement ring. However, not all jewelers offer the selection and expertise you need to find the perfect ring within your price range, for the best value. For more information, we have an in-depth review of the best diamond engagement ring retailers. Here is the short version.

There are several online diamond sellers we recommend above all others, for their range of high-quality GIA diamonds, as well as their ability to provide a great customer experience.

Here are the best places to buy a three-quarter carat diamond ring:

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is active since 1999 and they have a wealth of experience, combined with the largest inventory of GIA certified diamonds.

James Allen 

James Allen is the place to go for the best customer experience of any diamond seller, with best-in-class diamond imagery to help you inspect their range of GIA and AGS diamonds.

FAQs About 3/4 Carat Diamonds

Let’s now touch on some of the most common questions we get from our readers in regard to 3/4 carat diamond rings.

How much does a 3/4 carat lab-grown diamond cost?

A good quality 3/4 carat lab-grown diamond will cost about $750.  If you are interested in an option like that, read more about lab-grown vs. natural diamonds.

What does 3/4 CT TW diamond mean?

If you see the letters “CT TW” when shopping for a diamond ring, this means the total carat weight of the diamonds on the ring.
With some ring settings, such as pavé, side stone and halo settings, the ring features a number of smaller diamonds (known as accent diamonds), set along the band or beside the center stone.

What is a 75 point diamond?

A 3/4 carat diamond may also be called a 75 point diamond. Diamond carat weight is sometimes referred to as “points”, instead of carats. Each carat is equal to 100 points. This allows precise measurement of a diamond’s weight, usually for diamonds under one carat.

Bottom Line Recommendation:

If you follow our guidelines you will manage to find the perfect balance of quality and value like this stunning diamond.

What to Look for
What to Avoid
Focus on H-I color for the best value. If you are getting a solitaire setting, you can drop to J color.
If you are getting a non-round shape, do not drop to J color. Other shapes will trap color more than round diamonds.
If you really want to jump in size, don't sacrifice on quality. Consider getting a lab-grown diamond instead.
Don't skimp on quality to focus on size. A poorly cut dimaond will have no fire or brilliance.
Be sure to buy a well cut diamond that has no visible inclusions.
Avoid diamonds that don't have GIA certificates.
Having trouble navigating the diamond buying minefield? We are happy to help. CONTACT US

Here are more carat size topics to browse:

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